who are Lex & Bernie?

Lex is a South American Brazilian born tattoo artist and musician. He plays guitar & stand up bass.

Bernie is a North American model and fashion designer & pioneer internet influencer.

                Lex & Bernie met on Instagram in 2020.

             In 2019 both had their long term relationships exploded and shattered their worlds as they new it. Little did they know it was just part of the path to lead them to each other.  They both had insignificant rebounds between their actual meeting. Lex sadly thought he had found love, however it was a stormy relationship where he endured much physical & mental abuse.

Lex was living in Las Vegas for 7 years & Bernie had just moved back to the Oregon USA after living in Leigh on Sea England for 2 years .

            In spring 2020 Lex had reached out to Bernie on Instagram and said he would like to fly to Oregon to take her to dinner.. Bernie took a look at his profile and immediately started to follow Lex though she owns replied "Thank you"


Obviously there was attraction but he was in Las Vegas and she was in Oregon.


They continued to watch each other from a far liking one another's photos on IG.

Nerver messaging or commenting... only messages exchanged were happy birthday, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.. there was only one other exchange when Lex posted he had insomnia and Bernie became concerned and  because Lex had not posted  much after that.. She just reached out to ask if he was ok. He responded quickly to say "Yes Bernie I am ok"  he was on vacation in Palm Springs. One other exchange to let Lex know Bernie's original IG account had been hacked.

By May Bernie noticed Lex posted he was having a birthday party and posted his address to go to his party.. Bernie seriously considered going.. but didn't go.. Bernie did book a trip to Las Vegas to go to a tradeshow and booked a hotel room at Paris. She was hoping she could meet Lex at this time but decided she could not wait till Aug. 

           Bernie FINALLY messaged asking if he was single & told Lex she was single and had a crush. Lex thought he was being catfished... He asked her if should FaceTime but she said it would have to be the next day because she wanted to have her make up on..


They started to FaceTime daily & text every day. Bernie found herself taking screenshots during their face time because she found him such a gorgeous creature.

 They FINALLY could not wait any longer.. Lex booked a ticket to Oregon..

where they finally met.


the chemistry was off the charts. They shared the same dreams and loves.

They started flying back and forth so visit one another. they even stayed in the Pais hotel room she had booked in that aug.

It was now time to decide WHERE were they going to live..

Bernie decided she wanted to leave her past behind her and move to Las Vegas where Lex had a tattoo shop and his friends.

By sept Lex asked Bernie to marry him and the had a commitment ceremony at Viva Las Vegas. they wanted the world to know they were committed to one another.



5 months later they married for real!

its a true love story. They continue to support one another's dreams.

Bernie started BB Ferrari clothing line & Lex continues to adorn his clients with beautiful tattoos.

The now Live in San Diego, Bernie's home town to be close to her sister and mother but still work in Las Vegas Nevada.

and the story continues...